SHY48 fan permanently blacklisted

SHY48 fan permanently blacklisted

After BEJ48 has a permanent blacklist to one of its fans, now their sister group SHY48 also does that. On May 17th, 2018, SHY48 announced about pemblacklistan to one fan. Here is what SHY48 wrote in the announcement like the picture above.

"Upon investigation, X enthusiasts with ID: t426446f tried to meet members privately, this was the second offense, and it was true. After researching and deciding to give the fan a permanent blacklist to SHY48 Star Dream Theater. - Shenyang Siba STAR48."

 Unlike the BEJ48 who decided to blacklist for making noise and photographed secretly. This time the fans are really fatal of committing a foul to make the decision. This is because members' safety is a priority for SNH48 GROUP.

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